We produce a campaign brief, which details your objectives for the project as well as our understanding of your needs. The campaign brief fully explains the scope of the project, the deliverables and time scales. We produce the campaign brief as a joint working document, so that both parties are clear as to the requirements of the project as well as managing your expectations. The start and end dates are set in place and the project is undertaken. 

Appointment Setting
Organisations that have an external field sales team always question how much better would they perform if they had a diary full of appointments and actually focused on face-to-face selling.
We offer business-to-business appointment setting, which is undertaken by highly experienced staff, who have the ability to get past the ‘‘gatekeeper''. Our core competencies are carrying out unscripted calls with decision makers, identifying opportunities, qualifying prospects and handling objections.
A dedicated project manager will proactively develop the campaign and maximise all appointment setting opportunities, building a pipeline of solid opportunities.

Lead Generation
Without leads no organisation can identify what level of demand exists for their existing or new products and services.

Whether you are looking to revisit lapsed or identify new customers CSMS can identify the decision maker, quantify and generate high quality sales leads.

Direct Mail Follow-up
It's no easy task to follow-up every person you have sent a mailing to, or who has enquired about an event, or product. Our experienced telemarketing executives will not only follow-up with those potential undeveloped leads, but we will also turn them into prospects for your sales team.

Seminar Follow-up
Seminars provide you with a unique opportunity to interface with your customers and gain valuable feedback about your products and services. A follow-up survey is the best way to understand the topics that customers want to learn about and would like to see at forthcoming events.

Data Cleansing
On average a database is reduced by 20% every 6 months due to changes of address, changes of name, job title, and changes of employee or phone extensions.

Poorly maintained databases will lead to inaccurate targeting and wasted marketing resources such as undelivered direct mail and poor telemarketing results. Our data cleansing service will help you get the most out of your customer and prospect databases.